Cinnamon Cream    ~ Cold Feet?  Diabetic?~
If you suffer from any circulatory problems associated with conditions such as diabetes, stroke, arthritis or peripheral vascular disease, swollen feet, you know how important proper skin care is and how important it is to maintain healthy circulation.

*Cinnamon essential oil has warming properties and should only be used on your feet.

"The Cinnamon Cream is working really well for my Grandmother's feet. Her swelling went down so much she can actually wear shoes now instead of going out in slippers!
Kim J., Sudbury, Ontario

Foot Therapy
Cinnamon Foot Therapy Salts
Help fight toenail fungus and athlete's foot.
Helps promote circulation to feet.
Use as directed. For feet or hands only.

1kg   $14.95
Cinnamon Foot Therapy Cream

125ml   $14.95